Outdoor Fabrics

and their Best Uses

Outdoor Fabrics . . .

Choosing the right fabric for the right cover:

 Look below to see examples of the most common, quality fabrics that are used in outdoor covers. After stating the characteristic and uses for the fabric, we have also made recommendations on a brand name fabric that has a proven track record. Be careful about choosing a brand that is a lot cheaper than other manufacturers, as there are problems with some of these fabrics. Always find the best choice of fabrics for the cover
- Then decide whether you care about color, economy, or both.

outdoor fabrics covers Sunbrella Top Gun Marine Polyester

Acrylics: The fabric shown is Sunbrella Acrylic. Sunbrella is our choice for the outdoor acrylics because of its well earned reputation. Outdoor Acryics, such as Sunbrella, are solution dyed, making them color fast and long lasting. The Sunbrella has a warranty of 5 years and under most conditions last much longer. Depending on the choice of colors and the sun exposure, we have know it to last 17 years. A good outdoor acrylic is water-UV-mildew resistant. These acrylics are wonderful for awnings, patio covers, valances, furniture covers and boat covers. Sunbrella can also be obtained in a fire retardant fabric. For a full color chart of Sunbrella fabrics, take a look at the fabric page at customcovers4you.com.

boat cover, boat covers,custom covers,bimini covers Top Gun Marine Polyester

Marine Polyester: The Fabric shown at the left is Top Gun Marine Polyester. Top Gun is our choice for the Marine Polyesters again because of its well earned reputation. Marine Polyesters, such as Top Gun, are a 100% polyester high count woven base fabric, that has an acrylic impregnation coating. It has long lasting colors and is super high strength and abrasion resistant. The Top Gun has a warranty of 5 years. We have used it on boat covers for approximately 15 years now and have not seen the fabric go bad. A good marine polyester is water-UV-mildew resistant. These Marine Polyesters are great for boat covers, cooler, AC, equipment and vent covers, and many other custom covers. For a look at some of the covers made with Marine Polyester, check out: customcovers4you.com.

poly-vinyl, 18 oz vinyl, sandbox covers tarps

Vinyls: The fabric shown is an 18 ounce Vinyl Coated Polyester. There are numerous manufacturers of this type of fabric. The important thing to remember when purchasing a cover made of this fabric is to get a VCP - Vinyl Coated Polyester, as opposed to a VLP - Vinyl laminated polyester, as the VCP lasts so much longer. These types of vinyls are great for waterproof tarps and covers. Vinyls do not normally carry a warranty, unless you are buying an overly expensive fabric such as used for awnings, however, under most conditions the vinyl should last many years and any holes are easily patched. This is the same type and quality of fabric that truck tarps are made of. These poly-vinyls are great for BBQ covers, equipment covers, tarps, sandbox covers and most other waterproof covers. This fabric can also be obtained in a fire retardant fabric, which is great for canopy tops. For a look at com Poly-vinyl covers, check out: customcovers4you.com.

textilene 90% shade fabric
Shade Fabrics: The Fabric shown at the left is Sunsure 90% shade fabric. We have shown the chart for the Sunsure, but this manufacturer supplies Textilene 70% shadecloth and fabrics with other shade factors as well. Sunsure is our choice for the shade fabrics again because of its well earned reputation. However, there are a lot of shade fabrics out there and a lot of variety and many of them are extremely durable. The Sunsure and Textilene shade fabrics have a warranty of 5 years and are flame retardant as well. We have used these products on sun shades and patio shade for about 20 years, and the fabric is still in good condition. Twitchell's shade fabrics are vinyl encapsulated woven polyester mesh. A good shade fabric is fire-UV-mildew resistant. These shade fabrics are great for sun shades, window screen, patio covers, boat drops, and many other custom shade covers. For a look at some of the covers made with shade fabric, check out: customcovers4you.com.

cotton duck treated cotton duck artist canvasCotton canvas, untreated, is great for artist canvas (12 oz), banners, and martial arts mats (8 oz) and lots of other home projects, but does not do well in UV unless it is treated somehow. The Paraffin treated cotton duck, on the other hand has many outdoor uses for cooler covers, tarps and apiaries. Check out Customcovers4you.com for custom covers.